Open today after CNY-Let's get to work with DS Mach. Tech.-CNC Machining&Sheet Metal Stapming-Fabrication

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Update time : 2023-01-30 19:21:44
Happy Chinese Lunar New Year--Rabbit Year 2023
Let's get to work

Thank you for all your patience during our CNY holidays. 
We're back to work today, 30th. Jan. 2023. with full energetic and everything is back to normal. 
The new rabbit year, bless a new beginning. 
Returned to the office after the CNY holiday. Everyone in DS Mach. Tech. team received a red packets (Hongbao-in Chinese), which means a good start for work. That means to hope that the company and employees are lucky in the new year.  It also means "GongXiFaCai-恭喜发财".
In traditional Chinese cultures, "Hongbao" refers to a red paper packet with money inside. It is not only a carrier of gift money during celebrations, but also carries the blessings and wishes of the giver.
Would you like to get a "Hongbao" as well? 
Welcome to work
together with us for achieving success 2023 in fabrication metal industry. Let's get more and more "Hongbao" in the new year! 
DS Mach. Tech with CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication service back online for all of you.
Let's work together for achieving success 2023.