Planning to be a participant of HANNOVER MESSE 2023 with industrial fabrication metal parts

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Update time : 2023-02-11 11:55:30

Planning to be a participant of HANNOVER MESSE 2023
- With industrial fabrication metal parts -

HANNOVER MESSE is the most important international platform and hot spot for industrial transformation - with excellent innovations or unusual products. 

HANNOVER MESSE is the meeting place for the international industry community.

Founded in 1947, Hannover Messe has been held annually for 71 years.

Hannover Messe not only has the world's largest exhibition venue, but also has a high technical content. It is recognized as one of the most important platforms connecting global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology application and international trade.

Honor the flagship exhibition in the field of global industrial trade", "the most influential international industrial trade exhibition involving the widest range of industrial products and technologies"

The exhibition themes include: Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition; Industrial Parts and Subcontracting Technology Exhibition; Industrial Automation Exhibition; Digital Industry Exhibition;

Energy Exhibition; Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition; Wind Energy Technology Exhibition; Air Compression and Vacuum Technology Exhibition; Power Plant Technology Exhibition; New Energy Vehicle Technology Exhibition; Research and Technology Exhibition; Coil and Winding Technology Exhibition, etc. These topics are inseparable from mechanical manufacturing. As a professional machining and manufacturing enterprise with many years of industry experience, DS Mach Tech. will also participate in it in 2023. Hope to discuss with more partners about fabrication CNC machining and metal stamping in details.

On March 26, 2020, Deutsche Messe announced that due to the intensification of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Hannover Messe 2020 will no longer be held. This is also the first time since Hannover Messe was founded 73 years ago. However, the organizer launched an online docking platform for exhibitors to establish contact and exchange information with professional visitors.

The 2022 Hannover Messe in Germany will resume offline again from May 30 to June 2. This year is the second year after the recovery from the epidemic. With the liberalization of China's epidemic policy, we can also resume foreign exhibitions again. Actively seek overseas business opportunities and expand international cooperation resources.