Green Energy
What is green renewable energy?

Renewable energy may refer to:
  • Bioenergy
  • Offshore wind
  • Onshore wind
  • Solar Power
  • Hydro Power 
Wind power equated to the largest percentage of renewable energy in the first quarter of 2020. These statistics demonstrate a notable rise in the use of renewable energy sources. In particular, wind energy requires the use of wind turbines. Wind turbines are made up of numerous CNC parts and, given the nature of how a wind turbine works, accuracy is vital. 

How CNC Machining aids wind energy

  • Milling machines are used for processing holes in tube shell heat exchanges 
  • Gear wheel manufacturing involves metal cutting, which can accurately be achieved with CNC machines
  • Multi-purpose lathe machines are used for the bearings, gearbox housings or rotors.

The technology needed for manufacturing wind turbine structures requires specific CNC machining processes, and it may include:

  • Turbine Blades
  • Hub
  • Core
  • Pitch bearings (the reliability of the bearings is crucial for safe operation, so CNC machining is often preferred. The bearing’s reliability allows the wind turbine to optimise their angle according to the wind speed)


Solar Power and CNC Machining

Similar to how CNC machining can benefit the production of wind turbines, so too can it be used to produce solar panel components. This may include:

  • Frames
  • Back rails
  • Carrier rails

All of which can utilise CNC Milling and Extrusion machines, which are ideal for this kind of project.

More significant solar panel production may require or incorporate machine techniques such as cutting or milling. It’s important to remember, though, that non-CNC processes are also needed.
There are multiple operating parts, and it’s vital that this is considered in the designs of the CNC machined components. 

Hydropower and CNC machining

CNC companies around the world produce components for hydropower turbines or generators. Many parts are made, from simple shafts and bushings to hydro turbine housings and cores. CNC milling and other machining technologies are used for developing the gates of dams and hydropower stations. 

Why is CNC Machining popular for green energy?

CNC machining is a popular choice for producing renewable energy parts for the following main reasons:

  • High-quality finishes
  • Mass production
  • Large scale parts are possible 
  • Ease of production on site 

Like many machine-made parts, the components needed for the energy sector will require an extremely high-quality finish. They must be designed accurately to withstand high forces, temperature changes and corrosion. 

The renewable energy sector uses CNC machining due to the  speed and accuracy that parts can be produced. 

With this speed and accuracy comes fast production times and a reduction in overall costs because the parts are mass-produced and primarily rely on automation.  

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